Ring Design with Ellie!

Untitled-3On 7 June we’re launching an exciting new masterclass in Melbourne, ring design. You’ll get to learn the process of designing a resin ring from start to finish. In this four hour class we cover: sculpting a ring in wax, creating a mould of the wax ring in silicone, using pigments, powders and dyes to create and then cast a ring in resin.

Ring design is the brainchild of one of our teachers, Ellie Collins. She made these gorgeous rings featured to your left. This week we learn a bit about Ellie and find out in her words why ring design is the perfect class for you!



EllieTell us a bit about your background…

My interest in art began as a young child, I was always having “crafternoons” and turning anything thing I could get my hands on into an art project. This developed as I grew older and resulted in me studying a Bachelor of Visual Art; majoring in metal work and jewellery making at Monash University.  After university I lived in Europe for several years, primarily in Berlin and London, working in various galleries and creating jewellery. After returning from Europe my work has evolved from mostly wood carvings to have a focus on resin and textiles.

What do you like most about working with silicone and resin?

What I like most about working with resin and silicone is the diversity in which you can approach any project, small or large. It is up to the individual, so there is a lot of room for exploration.

In your own words, tell us a bit about the class you are running…

The Ring Design Masterclass is a bit more advanced than our regular resin jewellery workshops, but you can also do it as a beginner. This class is perfect if you want to learn more about ring design both as a concept and in relation to using resin. We will cover different aspects that need to be considered when design a ring (size, comfort, weight etc) and how that relates to various materials. Students will love this class because it will teach you how to create jewellery that is unique to you.

I love teaching these classes because they give students an opportunity to talk about their own projects they are wanting to pursue, and so I often learn something from them too!

What do you do when you’re not making jewellery?

When I’m not making jewellery, I can usually be found drinking coffee and reading a good book, that’s always a great way to relax.

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