Let’s meet Bronwen!


This week we meet Bronwen, one of our talented teachers in Brisbane. Bron teaches classes on Tuesday mornings in our Woolloongabba studio, perfect for part timers and mums! Check out Brisbane class times here.

What’s your name?

Bronwen Jones

How long have you been teaching Candu resin jewellery classes?

I’ve been teaching for two years, and using resin for over six years.

What’s your favourite aspect of teaching resin classes?

I love how each workshop is so different, depending on the personalities and the vibe of the group. Even after pouring hundreds of bangles, there is still so many combinations and effects to see!

What do you do when you’re not teaching?

I am a scientist in my real life, and worked in the Queensland Government for 14 years before taking a redundancy to pursue a creative life. For the last three years I have been earning an income through teaching resin workshops, and selling my resin creations at large design markets.

What’s the best thing about being creative?

The best thing about being creative is making something out of lots of small, different parts of your life… a colour here, a technique here, a shape… and turning them into something that has never been before. All because you thought about it, and made it!

You can follow more of Bronwen’s work on Instagram at Bravo Juliet Designs.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 13.37.53Resin artwork by Bronwen Jones

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