Five minutes with Anna

AnnaThis week we get to know Anna, one of our talented and creative teachers from Sydney. Anna teaches our resin jewellery and small  homewares resin workshops in Newtown.

So, Anna…

How long have you been teaching resin workshops?

Since the start of this year.

 What do you enjoy most about teaching the workshops?

Seeing a handful of complete strangers bond over creativity! Everybody gets inspired by each others use of colour and technique which produces some really amazing things.

 What do you do when you’re not teaching resin classes?

When I’m not teaching a class or working at the Barnes moulding and casting supplies store, I study at Sydney University School of Medicine, currently doing my Masters. What I study is quite different to where I work,  but I enjoy the challenges of tackling both. It gives both my mental and practical skills a good work out!

What’s the best thing about being creative?

I think the best thing about being creative is how it brings people together. Especially here in Newtown, there is a large community of really great artists that get to share and inspire one another! Creativity brings people out of their comfort zone and into a whole new world of freedom of expression and vulnerability. In the classes its always great to see people getting themselves out of the office and into the creative mess!

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