New Sydney masterclass – mouldmaking

mouldmaking sydneyHave you ever wanted to learn how to make a one-part silicone mould? Do you have a favourite bangle you’d like to copy, or perhaps you’d like to create one from scratch? This class will teach you how! Our popularĀ mouldmaking and resin bangle masterclass is coming to Sydney this December. You’ll learn how to:

  • create a one-part silicone mould, including creating a mould box and learning how to work with silicone
  • cast a bangle in resin from a one-part mould, working with a myriad of pigments, dyes and powders to make your own unique creation.

Taught by our experienced teacher Karene, this class will have you designing your own jewellery in no time.

For bookings and more information head to

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