Learn how to embed an image in a resin bangle

project card 3 blogWe often get asked how to embed objects in resin, so here’s a project card that gives you step by step instructions to do just that.

There’s a few things to note when you’re¬†embedding. Some resins are more sensitive to organic objects (such as flowers or food) than others.

The resin we used for this project is Bqueen, a polyurethane resin which we use in all our jewellery classes. It reacts to organic objects but is fine for anything made of plastic (such as transfers, buttons, plastic beads or glitter). For organic objects we recommend you use an epoxy resin such as Epoxycast.

If in doubt, do a test first – just make sure you’re not testing on a precious object.

Click here to download the project card.

Try it out and let us know how you go!








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